IMPACT stands for International Multidisciplinary Prevention and Cure Team

IMPACT for CP is an international network of scientists, researchers, clinicians, families, people with CP, philanthropists, industry, policymakers and funders.

IMPACT for CP aims to support and promote high quality research in the prevention and cure of CP as well as improve outcomes for those with the condition.

1 child is born with CP every 15 hours.
There is no known cure.

CP affects 17 million people worldwide.

CP is a complex condition with many causal pathways and no known cure.

Collaboration among researchers in a wide
array of disciplines is key to the amelioration, prevention and cure of CP.

Many researchers working on the multiple
causal pathways must come together to reach this common goal.

IMPACT for CP will

DEVELOP a shared research PLAN, making
the SEARCH for ANSWERS more efficient.
smoothing the path from basic science to clinical
trials to patient practice.

PROVIDE mentoring opportunities
and SUPPORT between researchers.
Build momentum and BRING the world
TOGETHER, promoting international research

Research activities

Research Clusters

Our research brings us closer to our objective of prevention and cure for cerebral palsy and improves outcomes for those living with cerebral palsy today. We have formed a number of research “clusters”, each of which focuses on a separate topic or aetiology.

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Our governance process has been designed to facilitate involvement from Consumers, Researchers and Donors. The process is guided by our expert Steering Group which is made up of world leaders in cerebral palsy research.

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Research Summits


A key activity of IMPACT for CP is the coordination of research summits. The purpose of these events is to gather leading researchers in the field together to identify knowledge gaps and define strategies and processes to facilitate breakthroughs in CP research.

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