About IMPACT for CP
International Multidisciplinary Prevention and Cure Team for Cerebral Palsy

IMPACT for CP is an international research network whose objective is to promote and support high quality research in the prevention and cure of cerebral palsy, and improve outcomes for those with the condition.

IMPACT for CP is an open collaboration of scientists, researchers, clinicians and families committed to this mission

In 2011 the Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Foundation and Balnaves Foundation funded the first Prevention and Cure Summit for cerebral palsy. This summit brought together a selection of the world’s leading researchers in cerebral palsy. From this initial meeting, a new network was formed – the International Multidisciplinary Prevention and Cure Team for CP (IMPACT for CP)

Aims of IMPACT for CP

DEVELOP a shared research PLAN, making
the SEARCH for ANSWERS more efficient.
smoothing the path from basic science to clinical
trials to patient practice.
PROVIDE mentoring opportunities
and SUPPORT between researchers.
Build momentum and BRING the world
TOGETHER, promoting international research