CP Register and Surveillance


The Register and Surveillance cluster has been developed in response to recommendations made at the completion of the World CP Registers Surveys and Networks Day in Pisa 2012.

It is hoped this cluster will enable individuals in this field to: explore specific issues relating to CP Registers and surveillance, share expertise and generate future collaborations.

This page links to an interactive forum, which is open to any individual who has an interest and/or expertise in CP registers and surveillance “so please feel free to pass this link on to your colleagues if you think they might be interested.”

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CP Registers/Surveillance Programs

Cerebral Palsy Active Surveillance Programs


Resources and workshops

AACPDM preconference workshop 2014: Cerebral palsy registers and surveillance systems: why they are useful, how to start one and what to do next!

A preconference workshop at AACPDM will be held on “Commencing a CP Register”. Please come to this event if you would like to meet those already working in registers and learn about how to set up and run one. San Diego, September 10, 2014

World CP Registers, Surveys and Networks Day

At each International CP Conference we hold an open “World CP Register Day” for all those interested.

2016 – Stockholm

The next day will be held in June/July 2016 in Stockholm.

2012 – Pisa

Program and Presentation

2009 – Sydney

Report of the international survey of cerebral palsy registers and surveillance systems, 2009 Smithers-Sheedy, H, McIntyre, S, Watson, L, Yeargin-Allsop, M, Blair, E, Cans, C

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